Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turkey Finger Puppets

This evening, while I watched a movie I made these finger puppets for the kids for Thanksgiving. I do realize I have made the second holiday themed finger puppet for them (made them bunny finger puppets for Easter) and at some point my daughter will probably ask me to make finger puppets for other holidays. I think I will skip on finger puppets for Christmas this year since I have other gifts I want to make the kids, maybe do every third holiday or something.

Anyways, the idea & pattern for thee puppets came from the website, Frog Prince Paperie. I had considered making a different turkey puppet, but I really liked the hand stitching on this one. Although, the other one would have been much quicker to create. Let me know if you make the other one. I do like the Groundhog finger puppet on that website, maybe that will be the next one.

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