Thursday, January 06, 2011

Homemade Gifts for the Kids

Grandma S crocheted all of the grandkids some slippers for Christmas, they are the pairs that my kids received.

Grandma M sewed my daughter this paint smock. She made her one a couple years ago, but now it's just too small and it was time for a new one. And she certainly needs this with all the crafts we do.

Grandma S crocheted my son this dinosaur puppet. It is quite the hit with him. When he sees it he gives it to one of us to put on our hands. He likes to try to grab the tongue while we try to eat his hand. One of his cousins loved playing with it in the same way at Christmas time.

Grandma S also crocheted this purse for Isabel and sewed a fleece liner in it. It's a very pretty purse and she will find lots of stuff to carry in it.

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