Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Next Challenge: Run a 10K This Spring

Ok, so I just joined the gym again (I'll have more about that in a later post) so that I can meet friends there to run on the treadmills. I enjoy running with other people, but I don't enjoy winter running. I don't like the cold & ice.

So, today I was back at the gym and haven't looked up a solid interval (run/walk) training plan, but came up with my own today by trying to push myself, but not kill myself.

Today I did (number is minutes and w=walk and r=run): 5w, 15r, 5w, 10r, 5w, 5r, 3w, 2r, 2w, 2r, 1w. I kicked it up an extra 1mph faster for the last 2 minute run.

My mileage today added up to 4.6. It's really only another mile and a half to get me to that 10K. So, I know I can do it.

My plan is to do interval training or run twice a week. Other times I will be doing yoga or some fun winter sport.

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