Sunday, October 02, 2011

South Beach Miami - Day 1

 We found the pool right away (although, as of day 5 we have not actually gotten in it and have only sat out here to read and for breakfast). The hotel we are staying at the is the Riveria South Beach Luxe Hotel Suites.
 I will post more pictures of our suite in another post and write about it. They serve a free continental breakfast every morning out by the pool, which is a nice way to start the day. It's a pretty typical continental breakfast with a couple choices of breads and baked good, a couple choices of fresh fruit and fruit cocktail, yogurt & granola, a variety of cereals, juices, milk & coffee.

 As we made our way out exploring (finally after took a 2 hour nap right after getting here, seriously waking up early to drive to MSP and fly out first thing in the morning was exhausting) we found the New World Symphony. It was too bad that the only show there during our stay was a Children's orchestra concert, very similar to the one we are taking our kids to in October in the Cities. But the grounds here are very pretty. It was kinda frustrating trying to find shows to watch since we came at the exact wrong time. The symphony was just kicking off their season this weekend with the kids concert, the ballet was on a 2-wk break while they waited to start their next season, the convention center had nothing at it, and the Jackie Gleason theater had a spanish speaking guy doing a concert. I would find us a comedy show to go to (more about that on Day 3.)
 Here we are at the Kung Fu Sushi restaurant. We have spent a lot of time here because our hotel is a part of the South Beach Hotels Group and we can go to the bars (3 of them) at the  Catalina Hotel from 7-8pm for free drinks by showing our room key. We are not going to turn down free drinks, so we tend to go to Kung Fu Sushi every evening because they also have sushi happy hour food specials during that time. We have eaten so much sushi; it's great!
 This picture was taken when we went next door to Maxine's Bistro & Bar for dinner. We had this cheese ravioli with meatballs that had the most wonderful sauce on it. Part of our stay, we get a $20 dining credit at Maxine's or Kung Fu. So of course we are going to use it.

This was really as close to all-inclusive as I could find (free drinks 7-8pm, a bottle of Verdi champagne upon arrival {really tasty!} and a nightly dining credit.)

Another picture of me at Kung Fu. I look kinda goofy here.

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