Sunday, October 02, 2011

South Beach Miami - Day 2 (Anniversary)

 The purpose of this trip was to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. We started out our day at the beach (pretty much how we started out every day) for 3 hours. As you can see, my summer tan has faded a lot and I am pretty white here at the start of our trip.

 The beach is so clean with smooth white sand. Love the beach! The warm is warm (& very salty, of course) and such clean water as well. So far I have seen a jellyfish & a large (about 10") angel fish and a small (about 3") angel fish in the water as I was searching for shells & coral to bring home for the kids (and a bunch of other little fish.)

 Happy Anniversary!  I love you!

 This evening we went to the Art Center of South Florida to tour their gallery. We really enjoyed the variety in each of the different studios.

 Here I am at the Kung Fu Sushi restaurant. We decided to have happy hour drinks, then stay for dinner and the Burlesque Show. We had fun giving our own names to each of the characters (Mustache Girl, Glitter Nipples, Chick-Dude, Dude-Chick & Little Hat). We talked with Little Hat for a while. And then got put in the show a bit by Mustache Girl, who proceeded to give me a spank with a large paddle (kinda stung, but was fun to be part of the show).

If you go here, we really liked the Kung Fu Crunch Sushi Roll, Salted Edamame & Tuna Tacos. Everything we had there was good, but those were our favorites.

The bartender gave us a complimentary shot  for our anniversary called "Watermelon Ass". I have no idea what is in it, but it did taste good.

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