Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pottery Class: Week 1

I am actually writing a whole blog post about this for another blog I write for. That post will be published in April, after I have finished my 7 weeks of class (+ 2 weeks to wrap up afterwards).

I did want to share pictures from the class, some of these will be in that post, some will not. There will be other commentary on that.

 The foot powered potter's wheel

Most of us will learn on this and can move to the electric wheel when we  get a little more experience handling the clay. The foot powered one you can control the speed better (is what I am told.)

This is the actual wheel I worked from during class 1.
 These are my projects for the night. One is a small bowl with a lop-sided edge (grrrr!)

The other is the start of a mug. We are going to be learning hand-buildling of handles and trimming up the bottoms next week.
 A close up of my mug. This was actually the first one I did and I was happy with myself for a first thing.
 My second thing - close up of my small bowl. If anything breaks while drying or in the kiln, I will not be sad if it is this. I gotta let go of needing it perfectly straight or this class is gonna get to me.
Inside of my mug.

Self-Evaluation Thus Far: Needs Improvement, too self critical, learn to relax & have fun!

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