Monday, February 13, 2012


So, I took snowboarding lessons with a friend this past Saturday. This was shortly before I crashed and hurt myself. I am hoping it is just a sprained wrist. Over the last 40 hours the pain has gone down & mobility has increased, so I hope that continues & that there is no fracture in there. Ugh.

My thoughts before crashing (although I only crashed because I was trying to avoid crashing in to my instructor who had just crashed into a young boy who swerved in front of him at the last minute and I was supposed to be boarding down behind my instructor following the same path, but 15-20 feet behind him) were that this felt uncomfortable holding my feet in the position and taking a high squat position for the trip down the hill. I also had a hard time figuring out how to undo my straps.

I didn't like that as soon as I turned my board even the slightest I would start going down, whereas with skiing I felt like I could stop pretty easy. I thought leaning on the board to keep it from going down was uncomfortable too. With all that said, I was progressing pretty good in my lesson and caught on fairly well. If I had not crashed & hurt myself I might have gotten used to the feeling of being in the board and using it. Skiing felt much more natural for me.

I am not sure I would do another lesson. I did think our instructor pushed us a little fast , so a different instructor might make me feel different too. I liked skiing much better.

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