Friday, February 17, 2012

Pottery Class - Week #4

 Remember how I told you that I sprained my wrist snowboarding on Saturday, well, I was still able to make stuff at pottery class this week. I even made 3 pieces, trimmed 2 pieces and made a mug handle.

 Turns out I was lucky and the teacher and previously decided to teach us slab rolling as another option, which was pretty do-able with my wrist brace. 

This is the roller and stack of canvas that I was using.
 Here is my mug handle. Not the prettiest & most even, but I did it all on my own without the teacher helping me.

This was also one of the pieces I trimmed.
The 3 pieces lined up in front are my first 3 pieces of bisqueware, meaning that they were fired. All 3 pieces of greenware I set out to be fired did not crack or break. Woohoo! The bowls seemed to shrink quite a bit. Next step will be glaze these items, but we haven't learned glazing yet.

Only three more classes left. It seems like we still have so much more to learn and so much more practicing to do.