Monday, March 12, 2012

Pottery Class - Week 5

 Here are my 4 pieces I created during week 5. Only 2 more classes left and then we have 2 weeks after class ends to come in during open lab time to finish up our projects.

I came in to this day's class wanting to go a  little more free form and try to make something quirky, very one of a kind. I think I succeeded.
 This was my first piece of the night. Since I had 2 weeks off from the wheel I wanted to start out with just making a bowl and see how this porcelain clay works.
 I was working on a bowl, but made it too thin towards the base and had to cut it off. Didn't want to waste the opportunity, so I sculpted it in to a trivet. Our instructor says that trivets are a good way to experiment with glazes. And to be honest, I could use a nice candle holder for a 3 wick or to put a jar candle on.
 I went in to this one wanting to experiment and make something quirky, but what I first started out trying to accomplish (as far as the look) is not what I ended up with. Since I am working with limited skills, I was not quite the manipulator of the clay, so I let the clay be more in control and worked with the fluidity (is that a word even?) that the clay had and made this wavy bowl.
Again, I was trying to do something else and then I caught my hand and it pulled the clay in and I was deciding between starting it over and trying to see what I could create with my new form. I went with continuing with my new form. I had intended on making a vase (and it still is), but my vision changed and I really liked how this turned out. I really hope this makes it through glazing and final firing.