Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pottery Class - Week #6

This was my most productive week. I made 5 pieces in one night, but it helped that I didn't have anything ready to be trimmed and there wasn't much for instruction this night, so we could get right to work.

I hopped on the wheel right away and made 2 pieces. I really have no idea what I will use this for. It could work well for a vase my my peonies, or maybe a pencil holder.
 I wanted to learn to make a piece that flared out, as I had not really done that with any other pieces. There is just so much to learn how to do.
I wanted to do some slab rolling with the porcelain and see how it worked with that. This platter I did a fabric imprint. I am not sure I am happy with how it turned out with the creases, but I guess we will see how the finished product looks when it is all glazed.
 This was a deeper dish and I really liked the curvy pieces I made before so I thought I would try a bigger one. I was thinking it might make a very pretty fruit bowl, very decorative!
I had made this piece in the red clay during week #4, but it had shattered after when I put it in the bisque room. I really wanted a platter this size/shape/pattern so thought I would try it again in the porcelain clay.

I should totally be wearing makeup if I am going to have my picture taken. Thought I would get at least one picture of me with my stuff, to show I was actually there. :)