Thursday, March 29, 2012


Week #1
Have not made plans yet with what to do with this small bowl or this mug. I think I am keeping both mugs for us and this small dish will be on my night stand to hold small things like chapstick or hairties.

Week #2
Another mug I will probably keep and my husband has put a claim  on this small bowl to use on his nightstand.

Week #3
I do plan to keep my bulbous vase. And the bowl in the back with the black on it is being used as a candy dish. I have not decided what to do with the other bowl.
Week #4
The smaller dish I plan to give as a Mother's Day gift to be used as a butter dish. I have made another one that I will be glazing soon so that I have a butter dish to give to my mom & my mother-in-law. I have not decided what to do with this platter. My instructor had suggested we can always give pieces as a hostess gift when we go to a dinner or party and put a snack to share on it and leave for the hostess to keep. So that might be what this one becomes, although my daughter really likes it and wants it. But I do have something else for her that is waiting to be glazed. The circular platter is being used as a candle holder, it matches the candy dish I made above.

Week #5
My daughter has already claimed the curvy dish as something to put her jewelry in. The other curvy piece is a low vase, which is perfect for the wildflowers we have planted in our landscaping. The others  I was thinking about giving a friend with a candle to use as a candle platter and the circular piece I am planning to fill with candy and give to my daughter's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day.

Week #6
The 2 big pieces I did to use as decorative pieces in our bedroom (a bedroom re-model is in the near future). The bowl and other cylinder piece I have no idea what I will do with.

This is everything I created during the duration of the 7 week class. I did go in a few times and made 12 more items! I am still amazed that I made 17 items during those 7 weeks and only 1 broke. Currently, the 12 items have all been glazed and being put in the kiln for the final firing this afternoon. I plan to go pick them up this weekend.

Most of those 12 pieces I have plans for and made them with people in mind. I made 4 coordinating pieces for my brother and new sister-in-law to give them as wedding presents. I hope they like them and appreciate them. I can't imagine that they have much for party/dinner service ware and might appreciate having some matching pieces. Also, I made plates with my kids names on them for them.

I hope to take another class in the future to learn better techniques and how to make some new stuff, but in the meantime I did purchase a membership to the Art Center so that I can buy more clay and make more stuff. I spent some time on etsy & pinterest yesterday getting ideas of other things I want to make.