Friday, October 07, 2005

So Tired......

I've been busy and tired and have been neglectful of blogging. It might also be that things have been a little uneventful, which is sometimes good.

Although the cleaning lady came for the first time yesterday.....that was nice. My sink and tub were so's great!

Next Saturday I teach a couple of classes for a group of child care providers. My friend Rebecca is the director os the organization that is providing this series of classes. I am teaching the classes that I teach at the Community College. I am pretty excited to do the Stress Management one. I am going to do a progressive relaxation as part of the class. When I did this for my college students they really enjoyed it and had a lot of positive feedback.

This Saturday we are having dinner over at Rebecca & Dave's house. Not sure what we'll do tonight.....during the day this weekend we plan on finishing painting. We're re-decorating some stuff upstairs.....Andy wants his office to be more masculine (flowers be gone!).....and we're changing wall colors and bought some new windows treatments, new art, and am adding a reading nook area......should turn out nice.


Lucky Charmz said...

I noticed you weren't bloggig as much, but I haven't really been up to much either. It seems that the first few weeks of school have really kicked my butt. It's so cool that you can enlighten people about stress management. I needed to take your class last year, I was one zoloft from a meltdown. I've scaled WAY back this year and changed my outlook about things.
I also blog and de-brief from my day.

Lucky Charmz said...

How funny. I thought I had another bunch of visitors to my blog. :)

Alison said...

I want an unpacking-lady.