Friday, October 07, 2005

What A Start to a Day!

Sometimes you just gotta love living in a rural area. I called into the local radio station to answer a question and win soem prizes and I WON! Well, actually they could have said Too bad! because it was a 2-part question and I only got the first part right. But they almost always give you a 2nd chance to answer it correctly. My question was how many fingers does Fred & Barney (of the Flintstones) have? How many toes?

I guessed 4 fingers since I knew that the Simpsons have 4 and thought maybe that was a cartoon standard. But guess how many toes.....Three! That seems weird. I think I may have to find an episode on cable and check it out.

For the loot I collected it is a gift certificate to a local restaurant (probably $10 worth) and 2 passes to a haunted corn maze.


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