Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Break Re-Cap

Well, for me it was spring break last week. Although, it wasn’t really the spring break I would have wanted. I was 1 (ONE!) week too far along in my pregnancy to be able to fly. So, that meant I was staying home. Bah!


I did get together with some people. Had lunch & took the dogs for a walk with Carrie. Went out to breakfast w/ Rebecca & her kids. Went out to lunch w/ Kate. Yup, I think that was it for me being social. In a previous post I told you about getting those moles frozen & they are starting to heal nicely. We had a couple people come out to look at giving us quotes on putting in ductless (mini-splits) A/C and also a quote on remodeling the master bath (we want to make it a tub & shower & possibly put laundry in the closet right next to it.) So, those people came over, but we are still waiting to receive the quotes. We decided on our daycare provider and signed that paperwork and then Andy called the others we had interviewed and told them we made our decision. I basically did a lot of cooking, cleaning, laundry, tv watching, & internet surfing over the course of the week.


Sunday I went to the Meditation Center and then to the Co-op, came home, sat around, took a nap, then we went to HOM for their service. They invited us to come for a New Comers Soup Supper next week, which was very nice and appreciated. The minister that gave us the invite told us it was nice to have us back again and wanted to invites us to is and that they are so impressed that we are willing to drive to far to come to the service. So, we plan on going to that next Sunday. After the service this week, Andy & I went out to eat at Da Afghan (I blogged about that about a year ago.) Great food. I highly recommend going to that place. It’s in Bloomington.


So, nothing really exciting to report on. This Friday, my mom, 2 sisters, & 1 BIL come to visit. It’s my baby shower on Saturday. We’re doing a dessert buffet thing. Mmmmmm! Dessert! So, between them visiting, the shower, & going to the HOM service & soup supper we’ll be pretty booked this coming weekend. And then the following weekend is Easter & we will go to my in-laws on Easter Sunday. I just realized today that I have off of work next Friday for Easter Break. That’s excellent. That really put a smile on my face.

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