Monday, April 10, 2006

The Weekend

Oh! What a fun weekend! Seriously.

My mom, sisters, & BIL Jason came in on Friday night and we had dinner, talked & went to bed. Saturday was going to be a big day.

Saturday came & I made us a nice big breakfast and then the wait came......waiting for the game to begin. I had been planning this Surprise 30th B-day Party for Andy for 6 months. Well, I started planning it 6 months ago. It was a surprise Geekfest, which you probably have read about on previous blogs. I got 10 of Andy's friends to come over while his brother Chris helped me get him out of the house by lying to him. As soon as he was gone, we starting setting up. He had no clue. It was great. He was very happy, very surprised, & very appreciative. They played until about midnight. I bought & made all the food & beverages. A good time was had by all.

That day was also my baby shower, which you can read about on the baby blog. (Once I write about it, that is.)

Sunday I made another big breakfast, I showed Andy all the gifts, he played with the toys. Did some clean in & out of the house and then that evening drove to HOM for the service & a soup supper they were doing. It was a pretty good time. They have such a community feeling and we really like going there. We really appreciate that they remember us from 5 years ago. It just feels good to go there. We actually listen to the sermons, which I don't even remember a sermon ever, except the one from our wedding (but that was a different minister & wasn't Catholic.) And then we came home and watched the Tivo'ed Sopranos.

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