Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Husband is the Sweetest

See that bottle to the right. It is just not any bottle of hot sauce. It is just the most fantastic hot sauce, well, at least in my opinion.

So, where can you buy it? Not here in the US. You need to go to Costa Rica. We have brought some of this back with us both times we went. And I always run out before we can get back there. Honestly, it's worth the trip to Costa Rica for us to just go there to eat the food (& buy some to bring home) and drink their coffee (which we have run out of too, but that is easier to get here in the US.)

Anyways - about a month ago I ran out of this delectable hot sauce.

My wonderul husband had been looking online for places to buy since before xmas, but it was always being shipping from Costa Rica and the shipping was awful. For the price of shipping a few bottle you may as well have bought a plane ticket and bought it yourself. And we would have went to Costa Rica this year for vacation if it were not that our spring break for the school district happened ONE WEEK TOO LATE for me to fly with my being pregnant. Damn it!

So, what does this smart man do? He put an ad on Craigslist asking for someone's help -- if they are going to Costa Rica, would they mind picking up some for us.

So, yesterday he sends me an email (after I asked about dinner) asking me to make some Pinto de Gallo (I more or less make this recipe, but on a smaller scale, and top it with my Chilero) because he was craving it. Well, I had been too and had just bought cilantro so that I could make it, but it would have been the first tie I have eaten it without my hot sauce and I am not sure I would like it as well (I emailed him that.) He was just eating it up, because some chilero was dropped off by people to him at work that day. So, he said I could not have had a more perfect response. He was so excited about his surprise.

Then he gets home and I tell him a package came in the mail for him. He tells me it's the rest of my b-day present and I should open it. And what's inside but two bottles (1 large, 1 small) of Chilero and 2 bottles of Banquete Salsa de Tomato Ketchup (Andy loves this stuff, it's ketchup, but with just the right amount of kick, it's actually made by Heinz, but they only make & sell it in Costa Rica.) Anyways, I was just giddy and said, "Oh, so this is why you wanted the pinto de gallo, WAIT! I didn't tell you before you got home that you got a package, how did you know?" Then he walk into the kitchen and come back wth a bag with 4 small bottles of Chilero (one guy bought 3 and another bought him 1) and said they were dropped off today and my response over email was perfect.

So, now I have 1 L bottle and 5 S bottles of Chilero. I am having pinto de gallo all the time. I also love it on eggs. I might even try it on other things. I always had to ration it before so that I didn't run out before we got back to Costa Rica, so I only at it on my scrambled eggs and my pinto de gallo (or any other Costa Rican dish I made.) I might even allow other to try it. And Andy has his salsa ketchup now (I like it too, but it was a favorite of his.)

I did happen to notice that the expiration date on these items was the month I get spring break next year. Maybe we'll have to take the baby to Costa Rica. Momma needs her Chilero!

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