Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fast Asleep

The other day I told Andy that Isabel was fast asleep and being the smart ass he is he asked, "Shouldn't it be slow asleep?" So I thought I should checkout the origin of fast asleep. Interesting. Makes sense now.


Meow said...

So being a smart ass back you need to e-mail him the origin info and say, "NO I MEAN FAST ASLEEP"!!!!!

Meow said...

Hey I'm going to Egypt in a few weeks. Woo hoo end of the cold and damp. A 16 day Easter holiday.

Meow said...

A while ago you didn't want to wear thongs. Well I was just shopping and I discovered SPANX.
They have a cotton crotch and they are panty hose that just come below the knee. They are like a control top panty hose that don't go down to your feet. So you can wear them with slacks.
Thongs work if you get the ones that are paper thin. They wont bother you at all. The thick ones and the tight ones hurt. The ones that work for me are not the g string style but a loose and large without a lot of elastic. They are hard to find but when I see them I buy them by the boat load.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

You've been Egypt before haven't you?

Egypt is a werid word to type.

Meow said...

No I was in Morocco and Turkey my last two trips.