Monday, February 05, 2007

No Panty Lines?

So, I need some help here. Anyone have a recommendation on what they think is the best pair of underware is that does NOT show panty lines. I don't always like to wear thongs, so I need some decent full-butt ones that don't show lines. I have a Body by Victoria thong that I like and am not sure if the panty will be nice too. So, what are your suggestions?


Skye said...

Have you tried microfiber panties? They have them a lot of places, link the bra place in the outlet mall (playtex?). The way the fabric is made, they serge the edge instead of having to fold over the seam and sew it. The edges are less bulky, hence, no pantylines. The ones I got worked great under my work slacks.

Mean Dr. Lily said...

Want no panty lines? Then wear no panties!

Isabel's Mommy said...

I love the new panties I just from VS. It has been quite a while since I bought undies from them. These are so great. So comfortable and & VPL.