Sunday, February 25, 2007


So, two nights ago I had this dream that I wanted to remember to tell Andy about - but forgot. Until last night when I was up with Isabel and I was thinking about the dream that she just woke me up from.

The dream I was having was about me being pregnant (with another child) and having all these contractions and going to the hospital to give birth, but the whole time in the dream I was thinking I was supposed to have given birth the day before. Then it hit me (as I thought about the dream), I dreamt the previous night that I was giving birth and hated all the contractions and was afraid of all the crotch pain afterwards. But I never did give birth in either dream.

Something weird in last nights deram is that they had a new program implemented where doctors observed you via webcam if you came in after hours, so they didn't have to leave your house. And so you never had any real contact with the doctor until you were at the pushing stage. I remember talking with some other mom there who really liked it and I didn't like it at all and I was afraid that I would deliver this baby as fast as I did Isabel and he wouldn't be there in case something bad happened.

But the really weird thing is that Isabel just turned 40 weeks old yesterday, which is the length of a complete full-term pregnancy. Seems like my sub-conscious is working overtime here.

I also remember some other part of the dream where I was talking with a co-worker who was pregnant at the same time (as I was with Isabel and now as the "dream" baby) and she had another baby she was holding (another boy) and I was asking her how Charlie (the older one) was doing with this and she was asking how Isabel was going tio like being a big sister (I said she wasn't looking forward to it.)

But the whole time during both of the dreams I was consumed by fear of the painful contractions and pain after the birth. I don't think I include the birth because it went so fast that the pain from that was such a blur.

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Meow said...

Maybe it was the kung bao chicken you had before bed. LOL