Sunday, May 20, 2007

Start of Something New

With all the changes going on in our life, including relocation and job changes. I have decided to be a WAHM, well, in a way work at home. I plan to use my talents and knowledge and start my own business as a Holistic Life Coach. The details of my service will be worked out when we have made our move. I am very excited about this. I did like running a business previously and I really do like working with people and helping them be successful, so I believe that this will be a great career path for me. One of the main benefits for me is that I get to do something I love and earn money doing that. I also can maintain a balance of work & home. I can grow my business as large as I want to. But initially, I just want to keep it small and be home with Isabel as much as a possible. I will approach my life is the same holistic fashion I will coach others on.

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