Friday, May 11, 2007

Stress Management

Boy am I going to have to practice what I preach right now. My stress level is sure peaking right now. So, to fill everyone in -- Andy left his job 3 weeks ago, but had nothing lined up. He does/did have 6 weeks of vacation (which is now half gone). Now, I just found out today that my contract position is not being renewed. My position will be replaced by some at my contracted place of employment. There were funding cuts and as a result there were several positions cut that can fill my contract position. So, get rid of the contracted position. So, in 3 weeks I will be done working. Both of us will be unemployed unless Andy finds something soon.

We had been talking about him possibly taking a position out of state if a good position was offered to him -- which means moving. But without me having a job in this area, there is no reason we need to stay in our house if Andy does get another job in the Cities. I have alway loved our house, Andy - not so much. He's been begging to move for about 3 years now.

So, it looks like no matter what we are moving. So, PLEASE if anyone has any boxes please send them our way, as I do not have any since I used them to give away stuff on Freecycle.

I think what I am most freaked out about is having to move and leave our home. I know "home is where the heart is", but it's still hard to leave a place I worked so hard on. I like the idea of deep roots, although I married a man with roots that can be easily transplanted.

So, I have no idea what the future holds, where we will live or what we will do for a job. It's all uncertain.

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Meow said...

Eegads girl. This is bad. The only place that has boxes in abundance is the hospital where I work. There's usually a place near the dock that crushes all the boxes of delivered goods that end up there. Usually they are intact before the crushing. So check that out.