Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our house is listed.....

Once we get the MLS number from our realtor, I will post it. But this morning we signed all the paperwork and listed the house. We really hope it sells fast, as Andy got his first offer (a nice one!) yesterday.

Here is the first listing out there, on Southeast Minnesota Association of Realtors.

Here are some changes/updates we made to the master suite. We should have re-done this bathroom years ago.

In the bathroom we took out the old sink, faucet, & medicine cabinet and replaced it with these. So much nicer. I also painted the walls, put a new valance on the window, put in a different trashcan (which was needed since this vanity was larger and we didn't have the space for the old one) and put a new toilet seat on. The glass shelf was there previously, but we painted the hardware white to match. And I put a new white storage thing behind the door instead of my clear plastic one.

In here we just put up valances instead of our room darkening shades....which if you watch the home shows you know you need to let in as much light as possible (plus we show off the nice new windows we put in last year) and I put a duvet on that was not as busy as the comforter was. And I moved the small desk & chair to the south wall, so there was a better flow through the room, it seemed to open it up. Oh, and I removed the room darkening shade off the french door leading to the three season porch off this room. I need to get some new pillowcases, as I don't like the silver ones w/ the gold throws (which I do like a lot), but these were the best I had here. The other ones were not fancy enough or were too busy. The room looks so much better in person that in this photo, but isn't that how it usually goes.


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CatWoman said...

If it doesn't soon, hire a "stager"

Alison said...

If this house was out here for that price, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!