Friday, June 08, 2007

Dumbass Hooch!

So, for the past few weeks I have listing & re-listing items on Craiglist that we need to get rid of since we are downsizing......

I figure 90% of the contacts I get don't pan out for one reason or another.....of that 90% half will say they are going to come buy it and never show. Very frustrating!

So, of course I am not going to hold anything for anyone because whoever gets me the money first gets it. I need to make the sale and it get it out of the house.

Well, I just got off the phone with this dumb hooch who wasn't going to come until 9/9:30 tonight. She is apparently 3 hours away at college, but has family that lives only an hour away from us. She said she was going to be taking a bus to Mpls and then a friend was going to bring her our way and "IF" she wanted it she would give me the money and then go to the family's house and not pick it up for 2 more days.

In the meantime, someone else called and was only 30 minutes away and was coming right away to look & possibly buy. I called the hooch and let her know someone else might be buying it and I would let her know and that it goes to the first person who gives me the money. She leaves me a message saying she was just leaving work (in Duluth, still not on a bus yet) would appreciate if I called to let her know if it was gone.

These people actually show and do buy it. I called the hooch and she starts screaming at me saying I cost her an $80 bus ticket and gas money for her friend. Does she think I'm dumb? She was coming this way anyway....she was not spending $80 for a bus ticket "IF" she was interested in the couch & chair and then gas money. She was doing all that on her own to go by her family (& purchase other furniture she told me). I explained I did not know if she would actually show and I have to make my sale. (She has still never left Duluth, so it's not like she paid the person the gas money yet.) She kept yelling at me and I hung up on her. What a fuckwad!

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