Sunday, June 24, 2007

Who Goes to Wal-Mart After Midnight?

Well the answer to that question is - who was buying what at the Super Wal-Mart?
1) a grup of Mexican women buying clearance bras & tops
2) a couple of stoners (yes, I could tell they were stoned) buying a bunch of snacks & beverages
3) someone buying $20 worth of burn creams and gauze
4) a high school couple (w/ bitchy girlfriend) looking for a movie (since at that time of the night the theaters are closed, as well as the video stores) (BTW - he recommended they get a movie "they" saw before, only it wasn't her and she wanted nothing to do with that movie after that. Funny.)

Both of Andy's Hands were Wrapped Up Like This

Andy had a brain fart while we were having a bonfire in the backyard and grabbed on of the firepit brincks that had fallen out. He burned 5 of his fingers (2 on one, 3 on another.) I happened to have some burn gel in our first aid kit, but we used it all so I ran out to Wal-Mart to buy some more stuff. We weren't sure how the burns were going to play out through the night & next day. He woke up and his hands felt fine this morning, still had blisters but not the pain.

The Neck Brace was Just for Fun.
Our neighbor is a First Responder for the local Fire Department and went to grab his bag (since they were there to witness it all) for First Responder calls and he offered up other things to use as well. Turns out it was good he went through it, because the neck brace was broken and it would have not been good if he went on a call and needed it. Andy looks like he was having a good time, but he was in pain.

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Skye said...

I hope he doesn't have any upcoming interviews where he'll have to shake a lot of hands!