Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sometimes Things Just Don't as Planned.....

Which is tough for me...because I'm a planner......

I'll just start with today. If things went according to plans, Isabel & I would have been at storytime at the library this morning, someone would come to look at the house this evening, and we would go swimming at the city pool while they toured our house. But things change and plans change and so we must adapt. So, we went to the library, but they were taking a couple weeks off from storytime and would start again next week. So, we just stayed for a while and played, picked out some books and puzzles to check out and bring home. Then we went to check if the new Dollar store was open (of course, it opens tomorrow) and then instead went to Kohl's (which has been here for a year and a half and I had not gone there yet.) Isabel is a good little shopper and like to look at all sorts of new things, so it's fun to take her with. When she sees something she thinks is neat she just squeals. As we were going towards the outdoor stuff, which was all brightly colored she was giggling so much, it was cute.)

The people cancelled there showing for tonight and now can't get here until next week. We have only had one showing so far; we had a different showing that got cancelled because they put an offer on a house the night before they were supposed to tour ours - they should have waited, maybe our house was even better (they were looking for a house to do a B&B with.) So, we have halted on all the little tidying up since they are not coming, but it was good that we did a lot of cleaning and packed up some more boxes and did a couple more little projects - so it was not a loss at all.

And we plan to go swimming this afternoon yet, rather than so late in the day. So, that's good too.

If things would go according to plan, we would have sold our house right away and were free to relocate wherever we choose and that great job where everything fell into place (pay, benefits, perks, relocation package, location, job duties, industry.) And we would find a great house that was big enough, but not too big, with character but not everything outdated, and a nice size yard, in a great neighborhood, with a great school system, at a price we can afford would just fall into our lap.

Instead, I am really having to learn to control my patience, because none of those things have happened yet - doesn't mean that they won't, but we're still waiting. My patience is really all I can control because all the rest if of my control. I can't make someone come see my house and buy it, I can't make that great job get offered to Andy, and I can't even find us a new house until the first two things happen.

I try - to find a new place - but then I have to stop because the places he is interviewing at are in so many locations throughout the Midwest, that I just don't know where we'll be.

I want people to know that we appreciate your concerns and interest, but I get a little stressed out saying we STILL don't know anything. And when we do, everyone will know. When our house sells - You'll Know. When he accepts a job somewhere - You'll Know. Why? Because I will be so excited that we (I) can start planning for something.

I joke with people that I have taken to reading my horoscope to provide me with some guidance. But it's really no joke. Although, now that school is let out and we don't get the paper I don't know where I will read my horoscope. I'll have to find it online.

Now, I think we are going swimming this afternoon, but things don't always go as planned.

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