Saturday, June 16, 2007

Making our New Home Greener

As I was reading my Natural Home magazine, it made me think of a couple things we've done here that I may or may not want to take with us.

The bat house will be staying -- we can't take the home away from the bats. But if I want to make one just like the one I purchased previousy I can used scrape pieces of plywood and make a new bat house.

The other things is my compost bin. I had done a lot of research to find the one that I wanted & could afford and worked most efficiently for us. I suppose I can empty put the compost all onto the garden and then clean up the panels. I remember it was relatively easy to put together and won't take up as much room in the moving truck when we finally move. The compost bin I bought is relatively attractive, well, not really attractive, but easily disguisble and not an eye sore. So, I think I will clean it out & clean it up and bring it along. And if we live in the middle or suburbia, then I don't want an eyesore, but I still want to compost.

I wish we could take along our new energy efficient windows.

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