Friday, October 05, 2007

Getting a Workout

Well, today it was on my calendar -- I was going to go to the Y and take a class. I haven't taken a fitness class in a long time. And a cardio class was very long, yoga classes were not quite as long ago.

I kept wanting to get stuff done before we went and time was passing quickly and I almost let myself convince myself I didn't have time to do it, but I went.

I dropped Isabel off at kidcare, her first time. I wasn't too nervous about it because the aerobics studio is right across the hall from Kidcare.

I took Cardio Stretch. After it was over I found out the instructor was subbing in and the regular instructor would be back next week. So, I am not sure I experienced the real class. I guess I will find out next week.

I kept up and the instructor offered low-impact and hi-impact versions of moves. So, I did some of each. The class numbers were small.....only about 8 of us chubby mommies. It was an hour long and I made it.

I think it was good for me and I think I will keep doing a class. I need the class to push me, otherwise I will fall into a routine, plus being scheduledlike that is good for me too.

I sweat ALL Over. My shins were even sweating. I don't remember the last times my shins sweat. Every square inch of my body was covered in sweat.

I feel good, but it's only been 2 1/2 hour after the class. We'll see how I feel tomorrow when the delayed-onset muscle soreness sets in. I think I might also like to try water aerobics again, but I think I need to wait a week since Andy won't be home (has his class) on Monday night.

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CatWoman said...

I've been making excuses for the past 3 years and succeeding.