Sunday, October 21, 2007

This Week's House Hunt/Sell

Oconomowoc #4 - Enough space, fenced in yard, slanted Roof/walls making it hard for Andy to get uspatirs. Not interested

Oconomowoc #5 - Enough Space, gravel driveway with plenty of park but no garage even though they put garagin listing. Not interested.

Vernon #1- plenty of yard, has a cellar :( , out in the middle of nowhere, Not Interested.

These ones below, we just went to the houses & examined the exterior & yard to see if we could rule out that way.

New Berlin #1 - Nice yard, everything looks ok, we'll have to check the insde on this one.

New Berlin #2 - Kinda small yard, but is fenced in, Andy doesn't like the gigantic pine tree in the front yard, possible maybe.

New Berlin #3 - Nice lot size, has CA & garden shed, on a busy street. Probably not.

New Berlin #4 - Has a for sale sign out from (then remove your listing!!!!)

New Berlin #5 - gravel driveway, crappy exterior, busy street, bad location, Not interested.

As for our house, had one person come to the open house and one call for more info. Still have not sold it yet. I still worry it will never sell. We sent the realtor an email telling him we want to drop the price again. Grrrr!

Tomorrow, Isabel & I have appointments with the realtor to visit 3 more houses in Oconomowoc and one on Tuesday. Then I will have seen all the houses on my saved search list in Oconomowoc.

Also found out that 2 on my saved list in Cedarburg & Grafton have offers on them. So, they are out. Also, MF #2 also has an offer on it.

House Count - 19 (that we have seen either exterior or interior/exterior)

Ok - off to mom's night out.


CatWoman said...

Have you tried West Allis? I've never been there but all I know about it is that I have a half sibling who lives there (Who I've never met and have only spoken with on the phone) and she likes her house.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

West Allis doesn't have as good of a school district as we want. They have a decent school district, but we are looking for a suburb with superior marks across all their schools. Plus, part so W.A. can be sketchy since it is bordering on Mke. The bordering suburbs that are the 1st tier suburbs can have really nice parts and not so nice parts. You need to really get out to the 2nd tier suburbs (or further).