Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Updates on the Housing Situation

We are lowering our price again to try to generate some interest and get it coming up again on people's saved searches. Our next open house will be next Saturday. Our realtors now also have a deal with a bank that will offer a 0% origination fee on the purchase of our house, in addition to the $2K realtor bonus and our commission.

Oconomowoc #6 - Great size for a yard. Enough space. Not sure on the ceiling height in the basement. Dated, but workable. Old windows & no CA. So, it needs updating. Has storage shed, playground, & hot tub & tree lined yard. Might be a good place if they come down on the price.

Oconomowoc #7 - A 1-car double deep garage does not mean 2 car to most people. Small lot & shared driveway. Very cute & updated inside. Lack of outdoor space means we are not interested.

Oconomowoc #8 - Small lot. Very dated. No DW & no space for one. Yikes! Lots of rooms in basement, but smallish room upstairs. Too many cons. Not interested.

Oconomowoc #9 - Updated 2-story with MFS, CA, & fenced in yard. Nice lot size. Small bedrooms & only a partial basement. Updated kitchen. Maybe.

We have now looked at all the houses in Oconomowoc in my saved search. We will now move onto another suburb.

House Count: 23

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