Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

Weekends that is......

Our weekend was pretty low-key.
* Friday night we stayed home and I made supper and we watched tv.
* Saturday morning I had my half-day meditation retreat (started @ 7:30). It was a pretty good retreat, mde me think. Our yoga instructor had a mental breakdown (seriously, she had to be taken to the ER from the Meditation Center) so instead of doing yoga we listened to her rant and ramble for that time. The rest of the retreat was pretty smooth and I leared a lot more about Buddhist rituals, which was kinda neat. Then we ran some errands and I made dinner at home and fell asleep to the Olympics, only to have Andy send me to bed which ended up waking me up and then surfed for a long-ass time.
* Sunday (today) consisted of grocery shopping, buying & delivering roses (40 of them to Andy's parents for their 40th wedding anniversary, we brought them to the restaurant they were dining at as a surprise, going to HOM, and finally we went out to eat to Boca Chica (beware, the salsa is pretty spicy and I normally like things pretty spicy). The service there was really good and we received our food quite fast. We've been enjoying going back to HOM. It kinda sucks that it's an hour drive each way to go, but we have never found any other place like it and we enjoy going. We signed up to go to their Love Feast (we did this once before - met some strange people that just did not get Andy's sarcastic sense of humor) for their 2nd meal in March. So, it will give us a chance to meet some other people who go there. HOM is very much not your "traditional" religious community, and we like that aspect about it. I don't think either of us ever "enjoyed" going to church, ever, until we were introduced to HOM by Kendra & Tim. So, anyways, it's nice to be going there again.

Valentine's Day Plans -- I'm going to make a spaghetti & meatballs dinner and we'll sit down at the dining room table (we don't actually eat a lot of meals at the table, usually just weekend breakfasts and the occasional dinner, many dinners are spent in front of the tv) and rent a movie and snuggle. We don't need to do anything fancy to show each other that we love each other & want to spend time with each other. Really, the only thing we are doing differently is renting a movie, otherwise we always eat dinner together (just not always at the table). Movie rentals are usually a weekend thing.


Alison said...

Your yoga instructor had a mental breakdown? Cool! Sorry, but I just find that the most hilarious thing EVER. Yoga instructors are supposed to be calm and collected...hehe

Sounds like you had a good weekend. I saw Brokeback Mountain this was long but pretty decent.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Yes, it was very strange. I had never met this woman before, so I wasn't sure what was really going on.

It was kinda funny, then sad, then just plain scary.