Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sitting here @ Blue Monday

I decided after the 9am sitting at the Meditation Center that I would come over to Blue Monday, grab a coffee and blog a little. There is something a little different about blogging in a coffee shop than sitting at home on the couch with a laptop. No bad or good necessarily, just different.

I ordered this Guatemala's ok, but I don't think I would order it again. I am not sure how dark of a roast this coffee is, but my preference is towards a light or medium roast & not dark.

So, anyways, the weekend.
* Friday - nothing. We stayed home and that was about it.
* Saturday - picked up the Tahoe, ventilation all fixed now. Went to eat at 43rd street grill, made a huge-amount of chocolate chip cookies (I would like to say the baby wanted them, but mom wanted them too.) And then waited for someone to show up to pick up some stuff we were getting rid of on Freecycle. Goodbye boxes & bags of flowers & swags from B&B days.
* Sunday (today) - well, like I said I went to the Meditation Center, am now at Blue Monday, am going to go pick up some stuff @ Just Food Co-op, and then hopefully someone else will show up from Freecycle to pick up some other stuff (purdge, purgde, purdge), and then up to the Cities for dinner @ Molly's. April & Jason (& Kallen too I imagine) will be with us. April is due about a month before me, so it will be interesting to see what I should look like in a month.

Next weekend we head to WI for my dad's birthday party. Should be fun having to stop every hour of our 5.5 hour trip to have to pee. I wonder how long it will take us to get home. Tomorrow is President's Day - so no work for me. Yeah!


Meow said...

If you find a fresh Guatemalan coffee, there's nothing better in the western hemisphere. There's really ranks for me. Then there's the Viet Nam and Indonesian that's really up there. But only if it's a fresh bean.
I still have yet to find a decent decaf. I usually get decalf soy caramel macchiato's to disguise the bitterness of decaf.

Meow said...

God my spelling sucks when I type fast. I'm really not that dense. LOL