Monday, January 01, 2007

Food & Restaurant Links

I found this, Biologique Foods. It's organic & natural food that you can buy online (fresh stuff too!) and have it shipped to you. The catch is that you have to live in the Midwest. They use Spee-dee delivery service and the delivery fee costs $7.95 (at least to my location it does.) They are located in Bloomington, MN. You could pick it up fro free if you wanted.

Also, I saw the Blue Sky Guide at the Living Green Expo in St. Paul last spring. I have not purchased one yet, but I am thinking about it. There isn't much out of the metro, and with the baby we don't get there much yet. But that will probably change as she gets older. Normally, I purchase the Entertainment Book, but I haven't done that yet this year either. Both books start in November. It looks like the Entertainment book increased it's price by $12 this year. Again, I am not sure how much we would actually use it this year, but when she gets a little older we will probably want to go check out soe of the attractions that they have coupons for in the Cities.

There is also as well, to save money on going out. They have a lot of resturant certificates for the Cities and other states as well.

Here is information about the Three Rivers Wine Trail of Minnesota. I think this is a more comprehensive list of a bunch of wineries in MN. We have been to Alexis Bailey, Cannon River, Carlos Creek, Morgan Creek, & Northern Vineyards. If you click on the Iowa list, we have been to all of them in the Amana (Colonies, including South Amana & Homestead.)

Andy recently bought a case of Porter made by the Falls Brewing Company when we were in Wisconsin a few days ago. Oconto Falls is nearby my hometown. They have their Brewery set up in an old Hardees building.

Andy sent me this link for French Toast Waffles. I think he wants me to make this some day for breakfast.

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