Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spring Break Trip is Booked!


We fly into Dallas and the resort we are staying at is Silverleaf Resorts in Flint, TX. It's about 100 miles outside of Dallas.

We wanted to go someplace warm within the US. We also wanted the place to be very near water (lake or ocean, didn't matter). It also needed to have a children's pool, as well as adult pool. Also a children' playground was preferred. Can you tell we are bringing Isabel with us???

We got a 2-bedroom unit with a full kitchen.

We are flying American Airlines and rented a car through Budget.

One of the places we'll probably go check out is the Caldwell Zoo. Also the Tyler Rose Garden & Museum. And maybe the Hudnall Planetarium. Here are a bunch of other things in Tyler.

The average temp there at that time is 78 degrees, which isn't too warm, but warmer than Minnesota.

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