Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mark your Calendars for the Whole Living Expo

They are having a Whole Living Expo at the Northfield High School Cafeteria & Auditorium. I put it on my calendar. It will good to learn about things in our area. Here is information about the event. I am sure it's a drop in the bucket compared to the Green Expo in St. Paul.

I heard about the event in an article in the monthly newpaper we get from Just Food Co-op; we are members of the co-op.

They also have a listing of events & classes that they are offering. One of them that I think I am going to go to is Natural Home Cleaning. It sounds interesting. I figure I could learn a thing or two about cleaning and possibly talk to the lady doing the class on whether she is taking new clients. We have been trying to find a new cleaning lady and have not had very good luck. The last person I interviewed wasn't crazy about the idea about using my non0toxic cleaning products, stuff from Seventh Generation. She wanted to use her own stuff, but I really want to keep a limit on the chemical fumes in our house. And she refused to use our new fancy vaccum that actually sucks up animal hair because she says it was too heavy, even though she would never have to vaccum upstairs and the hose on it is long enough to go up the entire stairs. The old cleaning lady we had started doing shotty work so we had to let her go. But we really would like to find a new cleaning lady. I keep the house picked up, but sometimes it's hard to keep up with the sweeping, dusting, & vaccuming (we do have a big house!) Anyways, I am signed up for it.

They also have another class I may attend. That one is called Gardening for Your Kitchen Workshop.


Lame Shrill Owl said...

Actually the same day as the expo is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Day @ Just Food. Might have to check that out as well.

Meow said...

I'm addicted to Mrs Myers products. I love the geranium cleaning stuff. The fabric softener and dryer sheets and the hand soap and hand cream are my favorites. I keep them at the sink 24-7
The dish soap and dish machine soap fragrance the whole kitchen like a spring garden. Love it love it love it. Then there's the ironing spray. Don't get me started. LOL