Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Links for Discounts in the Twin Cities

Get the Saint Paul Fun Card. Not sure what kind of discounts I'll get, but I called to get one sent to me. It is supposed to give you a discount at the Science Museum and the Children's Museum of MN and others.

Here are a bunch of coupons for the Bloomington/MOA area. (There are some other areas as well.) The coupons of particular interest are for the Science Museum, MN Zoo, & Underwater World. - where you put in your zip (or a zip you will be going to) and get coupons for that area. I haven't had much time to check out what is there, but I saw the Cinema Grill in New Hope is on there. I've been to the one in Edina a couple times and that was always a good time. Actually, as I was looking through it there is a coupon for the one in Edina as well. Score! There are not a ton of coupons on there, but hey, even one good coupon is worth checking it out.

Coupons on the Minneapolis Chamber's website. Some of them are the same as the ones on the Bloomington site, but they have even more on here. The ones that might be of interest to me would be the one for a discount on the MOA book (which I believe you can get that same discount if you use your AAA card), MN Zoo, Underwater Adventures, Murphy's Landing, & Stevie Ray's.

So, check them out and have fun.

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Lame Shrill Owl said...

I finally got this in the mail a couple days ago.