Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grocery Delivery Discount

You can get groceries delivered completly free 2 times. Use code PEOPLES. The code used at Cashwise Delivers will allow you free delivery (which to my home is $6). Also if you purchase at least $50 in groceries you don't have to pay the shopping fee (which is $5.)

So, I bought about $65 in groceries and used the code and all I have to pay is the $65. It is fantastic because I don't have to spend money on gas to drive there & back and I save my time as well.

The code is good until the end of 2007, but you can only use it twice. I usually have groceries delivered twice a month. I don't mind paying the $6 delivery fee, but getting it free a couple times is wonderful.

I know there isn't many local people who read this, but if you do. Hope this is helpful.

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