Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Book Club

So, over the years I have been asked to join several book clubs. I did do an online book club once, but since it was more about reading the book and less about socialization I think it was not successful because people just did not take it seriously. Anyways, I have the opportunity to join another book club and even though I would welcome the socialization I just can't read a book if I am not interested in it. To me, having to read a book you are not interested in is like school.

Now, I liked school. I loved the social aspect of school and I enjoyed learning. What I didn't enjoy was reading stuff I was not interested in or found hard to interpret. I did well in school, but for some classes it was more short-term memory use rather than actual processing for possible future use.

As a member of a book club, I would be one of those people who would expect others to have read the book and participate in discussion. I wouldn't wan to attend if I didn't read all of the book, and I wouldn't want to read the book if I did not find it entertaining or it did not have applicable knowledge for me.

I know for some, book club is not about the book at all, but about drinking wine and eating fun finger food. And I would love the oppotunity to hang out, drink wine & eat yummy snacks; I just can't do it under the false pretence of reading a book.

I do enjoy reading and do not need a club to motivate me to read, but I have set a goal for myself to read more. I actually do have a specific goal to read a book a month. Whereas, that might not have been much a few years ago, now when I am reading about 20 toddler books a day, I just don't always have the interest to read an adult book. I bought 4 books last week and read one of them already. I am very happy I did read a book and am about 2/3 dones with a second one. It felt good to read an adult book and I look forward to reading more.

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