Thursday, February 10, 2005

5 More Minutes

Only 5 more minutes until work lets out. Yeah! Although I have a dentist visit afterwards.

We had a kid that totally tweaked out the other day, throwing tables, pushing chairs, punching file cabinets swearing profusely (lots of the f-enheimer) and slamming the door. Needless to say he got a little vacation. You could tell though that this kid was in control of himself, as he made sure not to hit anyone, although he culd have accidently. He comes back tomorrow, we'll see if he apologizes to staff & the other kids.

One kid I was meeting with was having peer issues and she so badly wants someone to like her that she ignores the very obvious lies and manipulation. I gave her some advice yesterday & some unwanted observations (she would rather have had me not say anything, but I did) and today she pulls me aside and is like "You were totally right about him." And I'm just like "So, this is the part where I say I told you so - right?" She laughs and says "Yes and proceeds to tell me about the next issue."

Time to go.

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Lame Shrill Owl said...

My dentist visit was a success. Look mom - no cavities!