Saturday, February 05, 2005

Weekend - Part #1

I guess I technically started my weekend early -- on Thursday -- even though I had to work on Friday.

Thursday night I went over to Kate's house and she made tacos for us. Her & Cathy (who happens to be my tax accountant) planned this girls night out a few weeks ago. We went to this hotel called The Grand. There were 6 of us (me, Kate, Cathy & 3 of Cathy's friends). They have karaoke in their bar on Thursday nights. We had plenty of wine to drink before we got there so I was plenty buzzed. I knew people were expecting me to sing Baby Got Back, as Kate promised them as much. Cathy & I didn't expect each other to be as fun as we are, as we only ever knew each other in the business sense. But we all had a blast. Kate & I sang "our song" Goodbye Earl. And then I sang Baby Got Back & all the girls got up and started waving their tails around to the rest of the people there. We sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, which was totally not in any of our ranges. Then I sang I'm Too Sexy and once again the girls got up to strut their stuff. Kate tried singing Flashdance because she knows I just can't resist doing some type of interpretive dance to that song. She laughed so hard that I don't think she got even 20 words out. Then Kate sang something else that Carrie & I danced to (we were funny!). We ended the night with singing Happy Birthday to Carrie. So - of course all of this was with additional beverages. Then back to Kate's house for snacks. Needless to say, I was very tired Friday morning (as well as hoarse, my voice may have been able to pass for Barry White's - this always happens when I sing too much and strain my voice and am in a smokey bar.)

Last night, Andy & I headed out for a little getaway. I bought this "Getaway Package" to the Best Western in Menomonie, WI. It included a pizza from their lounge & 2 movie passes to a local theater. Actually - I am typing this entry at the hotel as I wait for Andy to get ready (he's slow this morning - very sleepy). We went to see Aviator. I thought it was just an ok movie. It was just shy of 3 hours. So, soon as he gets ready we head back home, with a few stops in the city. It was a nice little break from home, used the hot tub, and got to sleep uninterrupted from the cats, which is always nice.

I will post Part #2 later (after it happens.) Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Meow said...

You sound hilarious. I never had the balls to get up and sing anything ever anywhere. But one day I got plastered on many many pomegranate martinis and got up and sang a song from Grease. There are worse things I can do....Than go out with a boy or two.....Even though the neighborhood thinks I'm trashy and no good etc etc
My boyfriend died. I died. The next day I wanted to leave the country.

Alison said...

I went to a karaoke night once at this bar where my friend had a crush on the owner. The same kind of crush she had on Enrique Iglesias. Big. She was gonna marry them someday big. So, needless to say, we got plastered. We were going to go up and sing I Will Survive, but I ended up falling on my face on the way up there, got scared and ran out. My voice is like the bad people you see on American Idol. Only I don't think I sound good. Anyway, I admire your bravery (and drunkness). I haven't been good and drunk for...oh, so long.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Actually - I have sang karaoke quite a bit before. I think I first went about a year & half ago and I sang "Baby Got Back" that first time. It was not right for that crowd, as they were all old and singing old country songs. This old guy (he seemed like he was in his 70's and had a mental health issue & probably lived in a group home) tried booing at me, but I kept right on. After that I got into singing "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks. I would say that I go sing karaoke about once a month.