Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New Hairstyle

2-3 times a year I get in this funk where I want to change my hair. I am not sure what I want to do, I know that I just feel like my hair needs a change (again!)

So - my hair is naturally curly, so I need to limit my considerations to that. Right now I have long layers that go just past my shoulders. I haven't had bangs since high school and I am considering having bangs cuts, but I know I will want to grow them out again and I hate that in between stage where they are both too long and not long enough to do anything with. I hate those in between stages in anything, and I especially don't want to purposefully put myself in a situation that I might not look good for a while.

So, here are some celebrity curly hairstyles. But they have people helping them do their hair and making sure they look perfectly -- well-- perfect. I also don't like it when bangs are in my eyes. Maybe getting bangs cut is not such a great idea. Are bangs in or out? I read that full hair with body is in and the stick straight stuff is out (so, at least I got that going for me.)

Usually what I end up doing is changing the color and getting a trim. My hair is pretty much a dark blond with highlights of light blond, red, & brown in it. I was thinking of going lighter again. Our trip to Costa Rica is in little over a month and I need some warm-weather beach hair.


Alison said...

Don't get bangs! Trust me...I did it a little over a year ago and started crying. Now I have none again, but it was a painful process.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

Ok - you have me convinced......

Mean Dr. Lily said...

Babe, your hair looks better than all of those celeb pics!

Leave it!