Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another One Gone

Weekend that is -- Andy slept for about 12 hours on Saturday. He better appreciate it while he can.

Friday we had Andy's work holiday party. It was nice time. Good food, decent music, Andy got some gambling time in (it was a caino theme). We managed to get our table to get called to go to the buffet line early by one of the guys at the table telling the wait staff that there were 3 pregnant ladies at the table and they needed to eat (yes, 3 of us at the table were really pregnant and REALLY hungry.) I was going to just go up and start getting my food, but some people were afraid of getting yelled at by the waitstaff and wanted permission.

Saturday we stayed home during the day and relaxed. Then in the evening we went to Javalive and they had this group there called "Happily Ever Laughter". They were pretty good. The best we have heard there in a while. Andy bought their recently released cd. I like going to Javalive because the music is a decent volume and there is no smoke, plus you don't have to wait until 9pm to see a show. We also watched "Puddle Cruiser", a pretty awful movie. Made by the same guy as "Super Troopers"and has the same cast, but are much younger.

Today -- relaxing again. Then to the Cities to go to Best Buy to pick up some stuff, House of Mercy, and then finally we went to the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe for dinner. The food was good, but a little pricey. We had a coupon from our Happenings book, but it wasn't good on a ton of items and especially not what we really wanted. I liked da Afghan better than this place.

And tomorrow -- no school, so another day to relax and I'll go to my Meditation Practice Period in the evening.

BTW - Temperature in Tampa for Friday is supposed to be mid-70's and upper-70's on Saturday, Excellent!

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Kinky Phanie Gates said...

BTW--The temperature in Punta Cana on Saturday will be 81-84 degrees...:)

Have fun on your long weekend!