Thursday, January 26, 2006

Beauty & the Geek

Ok - I admit it, I watch this show. Last year I only watched the last couple. Honestly, there is nothing else of interest on, so I started watching.

But I gotta complain about one of the geeks -- Chris. What a dumbass!

He's smart, but has absolutly NO social skills whatsoever. He's just rude & mean and doesn't get it. This guy knows book stuff and pop culture (c'mon he knew Gwen Stefani's clothing line name), but he has no idea how to relate to other people and doesn't seem to have an interest in relating to other people. He just wants to prove everyone he's smart. But being smart at everything will only get you so far. If you can't get along with people, you've got nothing.

You can tell no one wants him on the show. They all hate him. Even his teammate hates him. He screwed her over big time by making her switch to him. They made it through the elimination round last night, but unless they start winning competitions, they will ALWAYS be going to the elimination round.

It says he's "Only Kissed One Girl" -- who was that? An aunt? Grandma perhaps?
I don't know that he will ever kiss another girl ever. He needs to not be so cocky. He tried apologizing for his behavior, but it didn't seem sincere basically because he still doesn't understand that he doesn't get people.

Plus, the fuckwad was dissing on Psych majors (at least 2 of the contestants are psych majors) saying it was a soft major. Hmmmm.......trying getting a kid in your office who is suicidal, or one that is seeing things, or one you know could have a psychotic break any day.....I could never imagine how he would relate to them. He couldn't. He can kiss my ass. The stupid fucker.

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Meow said...

It's painful watching geeks.
And these geeks find each other somehow. There must be lots of brave ones out there cuz I'm seeing them all the time together on my commute to work on the train.
Talk about fugly.