Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Decreased work time

Well, a couple years ago they extended the school day for students by 20 minutes, but did not extend the teacher contract day and were not honoring vouchers for meeting times outside of the contract day. That was a pretty big sore spot between the teacher's union and the school district (among other things, but it is something that affects me).

So, starting next year they are taking away the extra 20 minutes, which means the students are dismissed at 2:30 (at the high school, start & end times are staggered throughout the district to accomodate bussing.)

Anyways - I am paid on a 12-month contract and need to be present when kids are (including summer school) and then any meetings outside the school day that I may need to attend. I basically only can take vacations when the kids have off from school.

But the decrease in time means 59 hours accumulated that the kids are not in school & I may or may not leave at that time due to meetings that may be scheduled. But the possibility to leave @ 2:30 is there and that makes me happy. I wish they wouldn't wait until next year to reinstate that.

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Meow said...

The school system ain't any better here in Chi town. Sad sad state of affairs, it.
It's way worse in the Carolinas. Aunt works there as a teacher.