Friday, August 18, 2006

Cucumber Beetle?

I think this is what is attacking my garden -- a cucumber beetle. They are UGLY! And annoying. I wasn't in the garden for a few days and when I went out there yesterday I found hundreds of these things. They had pretty much destroyed my zucchini & pumpkins and were working on my yellow squash & acorn squash. Ironalilcally, they were not touchinag the green cucumbers or yellow cucumbers.

I was trying not to use any chemicals, but I don't want to lose everything, so I put on some Bug-B-Gon. But I need more because it was stuff I had leftover and I only had enough to put on the squashes and just a tiny dusting on the cucumbers.

I have a very good cucumber crop and my tomatoes are ripening nicely. Also, my jalepeno peppers look good, but not sure I will have any use for them as I usually make salsa with zucchini (which I have no more of). Maybe I will have to try a new recipe. Or maybe I should try making some hot pickles. Although I am not sure when I will find the time to do any canning this year. I babrely have time to keep up with dishes & laundry.

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Lame Shrill Owl said...

It worked. They are gone.