Thursday, August 24, 2006

Unlearning Something....

So, Pluto is not a planet anymore. All those years of having to learn the nine planets and now I have to unlearn one of them. How do you just unlearn something?

Ok - done!

I'm not exactly sad that Pluto is not a planet. It means less complications for this new mom. Because when my child talks about Pluto, I will know she is referring to Mickey's dog. And later when she has to make a solar system for school -- well, that's one less planet we have to make. But I suppose we could go for some extra credit and throw it in there and label it the Trans-Neptunian Object that was formerly Planet Pluto.

Maybe Pluto will make it's debut on email forwards when we start seeing ones that are titled "You Know You're a 90's Child If...."

It will say, "you were taught that Pluto was a planet" right after it says "you wore grunge."

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Meow said...

It's still under debate. LOL
We have to unlearn a lot of things all the time. For instance the fact that West Germany is not a country or eggs are good for you, then they're bad, then they're good again. OY! Sensory overload.