Sunday, August 12, 2007

Any Idea What Kind of Bug This Is?

This bug was in Isabel's cube climber. It just stayed right where it was the entire time. She did not notice it or disturb it. The ball I am holding is a tennis whiffle ball, to give you an idea of size. In the other picture that is some other smaller bug next to it. So, does anyone have any idea what kind of bug this is?

Lately I have been seeing huge bugs around. I killed this HUGE cricket. I am sure it made huge noises too. And I flicked this huge beetle of some sort off her cube climber the other day.


Skye said...

That is a Locust, or sometimes called Cicadia or Katydid. We caught one the other night. too. They are big but harmless, to people anyway. They supposedly hatch once evey 17 years, and there was supposed to be a lot of them hatching in the midwest this year. Sometimes you'll hear buzzing noises in the trees in the summer. That's the noise they make.
Have you ever seen the movie "Lucas" with Cory Haim? They talk about them in that movie too.
When my husband was little, a neighbor of theirs caught one and tied a leash onto it for John. As john held it, the poor thing tried to get away. It ended up flying in circles, wrapping the leash around John's head. Eventually there was no leash left and it was just hitting him in the face. He swears it was terrifying.
Now my 6'5" husband jumps when any bug lands on him. When we caught the locust the other night, his brother offered to put it on a leash for him :)

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I had to tell Andy John's story.

Wasn't one of the seven signs a plague of locusts. My only real knowledge of the seven signs of revelation is from the movie.....wasn't flooding one of them too.