Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our current plans

So, I just posted about the change in realtors......well, I think Isabel & I are moving out there as of Sept. 1st......

Andy is currently staying with my sister & her husband and it is working out fine, but we miss each other and driving back & forth 5-6 hours sucks. Big time sucks!

And when you figure in the cost of gas both ways each weekend, plus the little bit of money we pay to my sister for the extra cost of having Andy around -- well, we could all be living out there in an apartment or something.

Although, finding the right place is not easy. Turns out after you live in a HUGE house of your own for so long, you get a little picky. Well, I guess I am not too picky. But we are not going to give up our animals for temporary housing. My sister said she would take the dog for a while, but we don't want to impose anymore. So, we want the animals with us. So, we have to find a place that takes dogs & cats. More places take cats than they do dogs, but we have found a few places. Plus, we don't want to sign a year lease -- only 6-9 months and then month to month after that (or sign up for another 3 months if we know we will need it.) But if our house hasn't sold after being on the market for a year, then we will need to re-think what we are doing anyways.

We looked at a few places this weekend when we went there to visit and Andy will continue to look at places this week (& continuing) if we need to to find something for us to move into on September 1st. We did find a nice sxs duplex that was well-maintained, but we would like to find something a little cheaper if we can and has a little bigger yard for the dog to run around in.

So, that's the scoop. We hope to know more very soon.


CatWoman said...

I don't envy you. Eeesh what a deal.

Isabel's Mommy said...

We did sign a 9 month lease on a lake home and move here in a few weeks. We are excited. It is no fun being apart.