Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Discounts on Restaurant.com GC's

Just got this in my email today and for TODAY only, you can get 50% off restaurant.com gift certificates in your area.

Ok- if you never bought from them before, you just get a discount on a certificate, but they have rules around it.

So, you might get a $25 gc for only $10 (only $5 today), but the rule on it is that you have to spend $35. I guess that's so the restaurant doesn't lose their butt and at least can break even or whatever.

So, the code you need to enter is: MEMBER

If you don't enter the code, you still have to pay their price and don't get the 50% off.

I bought some of these when we went to Chicago a few years back and used them. A couple places took them, but one place decided they weren't going to take them anymore (which kinda sucked because we took a cab to get to that part of town.) Anyways, restaurant.com did refund my money and apologized.

I had not bought any in a while until today and they had several in the MKE area, so now we have some places to try at a discount.

There are plenty of places there for the Mpls/STP area as well.


Lame Shrill Owl said...

Hey - I get a $10 gc if you let me refer you and you buy something. So, if you think you might want to buy any on their site, drop me an email and I will refer you. Might as well get a free $10 gc out of the deal.

CatWoman said...

I'm already a member of restaurant.com. They didn't have that offer before. That sucks, because I referred three people to the site who are already members.
I've been a member since the year they started out.
You always have to keep checking out the restaurants status on those coupons. Restaurant.com will transfer in case that happens.
A restaurant closed a month after I got the coupon. So they changed it to another.
You really gotta read the fine print on that. Sometimes it's only good for food purchases and not anything you drink.
By the way did you see the video of that flaky Japanese chick breast feeding her cat? Yuck. So gross. What a freak. Not anything like a mother and child. She's lucky her face didn't show. She'd be a laughing stock in her country.