Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You're Fired!

Andy fired our real estate agent today. She was just not doing enough or what we wanted. If she was getting people in here and they had comments about why they didn't want to buy our house, then we knew it was something here we needed to change. And it's not the price, because even our starting price was $10K below assessed value and now since we dropped the price it is even lower than assessed value. So, it wasn't the price.

Our agent just was not aggressively marketing to prospective buyers. She was marketing to other agents, which obviously was not doing us any good. Plus, she was really reluctant to market in the area where we believe our buyer is going to come from.

So, she's gone and through the help of Andy's aunt (who works for the relo division of a real estate company {she'll get some commission through this deal as well once it is sold}) we have another realtor lined up. This guy sounds like he will do some of the things we want done. So, it goes off the market tomorrow (Wednesday) and will hopefully be back on again on Saturday.

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