Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Steve and Barry's

So, Andy has shopped at Steve & Barry's numerous times and the clothes there are cheap (the clothes were actually cheaper when they first opened and didn't have these stars with lines there.) I didn't have this overwhelming desire to go for a while because he said the women's section wasn't very big. But then it was announced that they were carrying Sarah Jessica Parker's line Bitten and I wanted to see what that was like. I ended up buying 2 shirts and 1 pair of jeans for myself and a hoodie and visor for Andy. I love the jeans. Actually, I tried on a different pair, but I wanted them in a Tall. Being 5'7 I am kinda in-between Regular & Tall, so I tend to go for the talls if possible. I like to wear heeled shoes, so I need a tall for my pants to looks right, otherwise in a regular it might not look as nice in taller shoes.

Anyways, I tried on a Regular Straight Leg (after waiting for the 1 big changing room - I had Isabel with and needed something that I could fit the stroller in) and then found the "Boyfriend Jean", which fit Sooooooo much better and feel so comfortable on and was in a tall. I had switched pairs and just figured if they don't fit I will return them (they have a return policy of 1 year!).

I hope they hold up in the wash and still feel great on after washing. They were only $14.95 and were from the Bitten line (yes, that's regular price). The shirts were from the Bitten line as well and both were under $10. You know, it feels weird to buy something for regular price, but when it's that cheap regularly, you don't need to look for sale & clearance.

BTW - the cashiers told me to buy tops in a size bigger than what fits when I try it on. They said that after washing all their tops seem to shrink a whole size. So, that's what I did.

They do have a kids section, but I didn't even go over there (for once since having Isabel). This was actually about finding something for me. I saw the kids section and said I would go over there after I tried on my clothes, but then I was bent on trying to find a tall (which there weren't many of in any size), that I forgot about going to the kids section.

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I smell sweat shops.